Sam Wesst is a writer of words and music. His material has been accumulated over a lifetime of travel and hard lessons. Sam has his own unique style and outlook on life. Check out Sam's books and music.

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Sam is working on new material for next release. Hear him Thursday 5/15 at 10am central  on 90.7 radio.  stream in to listen-WTIP North Shore radio

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Sam's CD "Lifetime of Lessons"   is now available on CD and also ITunes, Rhaposdy and multiple other sites.  Go to Music page to order.   Here is a sample of one of the songs on the CD "Evergreens". 

Hear Sam Wesst on WTIP North Shore Radio on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 10am central time.   You can  use Tune In Radio on the internet and search Pubkic Radio WTIP.   Help promote Sam by sending email to the station to hear his other selections.  wtip@boreal.org.

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check out Sam Wesst new song video "Green Mountain"  on You Tube

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